Terri has 20 years of diverse strategic communication and engagement experience from around the globe. Raised in Queenstown, she graduated top in Business Communication at AUT and headed to the UK where she worked in early web PR for the likes of The Times, and managed comms for large scale PPP projects for BT; disappearing to Europe, Japan and North America to snowboard in the winters. In 2006 she moved to Chile and became involved in consulting for a Chilean digital thinktank, editing a newspaper, and working in the government’s Start-Up Chile Project. Following the 2010 earthquakes in Chile her work took her to disaster and recovery communications which remained a focus upon her return to NZ.

Twenty years after first leaving, she came back to the mountains she calls home. Through Anderson Communications she keeps connected with her overseas clients, including a recent stint in a San Francisco biotech accelerator, and is keenly involved in supporting planning and innovation as the Wakatipu basin develops and diversifies.