I am a passionate supporter of the local business community, with more than a decade of experience working with a wide range of local businesses, as well as a background in international business.

My role as Client Relationship Manager with Focus Technology Group has involved establishing relationships with a large number of local businesses of all sizes in the Lakes District area. I have also worked in a range of roles with IBM, in Australia and New Zealand. 

My strengths are in relationship management and clear communication. My values are honesty, transparency, positivity. I am motivated by a strong sense of doing what is right, both in the work I am doing and for the people around me.

Outside of work I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunty, friend, and a passionate trail runner. 

To contribute to our local community, I am an Arrowtown Scout Leader. Scouting is an awesome way of engaging the youth in our area, introducing them to the outdoors and sharing new skills.

As a local technology leader, I believe my experience in enterprise transformation will underpin some of the vital skills we need for our future, as our community adapts to the challenges ahead.