Thursday, 26th March, 2020


I would like to apologise if you haven't heard personally from the Chamber over the last week or two. We are ringing as many members as we can to touch base. I am prioritising based on where we think are the highest needs areas are and we will get to you, but if you need to talk, please ring us. 

Thank you for sharing the links about our migrant worker community. We have nearly 300 hundred people registered with the Emergency Operations Centre (see link below).  Please encourage people you know who may be unsupported to sign up so we can get them information and help if required.

There are still lots of unknowns about how businesses can take advantage of the wage and leave subsidies on offer and lots of curly questions. We are expecting more clarity over the next few days from government. Join Employsure and I tomorrow on a small group Zoom meeting to discuss what is currently known (see below). Big pat on back to BDO for their great FAQs on their website (see below). Deloitte has aslo launched a programme called Strategy For Resilience (which is available with Regional Business Partners funding outlined below), useful for scenario planning for the upcoming 24 months.

Or take a bit of time for a breather. A day will not hurt for most. Take your mind somewhere else. What about a tour of an amazing international museum for a bit. 


Anna Mickell
021 488709


Personalised business assistance

Regional Business Partners (RBP) has been given additional government funds to support businesses through COVID-19.  The focus is to assist with funding for businesses to access one on one support with professionals in the following areas: HR, business continuity planning, finance and cashflow management, health and wellness. Eligible businesses will be able to access up to $5000 in funding to fully fund advice in the areas above. Businesses will need to register on the RBP website: and talk with an RBP Growth Advisor. 

Tips from the front line 

  • BDO gets GOLD star for their awesome website and FAQs They have attempted answers to your questions. 
  • Your payroll company is your friend. Check for their updates. They are making amendments to their software to help you process the new leave payments etc. Check out their help folders/notices etc. iPayroll has done a great job already. Others will be working on it. 

Help for affected workers

Vulnerable people in Queenstown
Please encourge any person who may need assistance to register withour local civil defence team. This includes migrant workers without work, or those unclear on their visa conditions.

NZ residents or citizens - New Zealand citizens should be instructed to contact Work and Income (WINZ) by phone 0800 778 008 or NOTE: WINZ has now closed its offices and all enquiries should be directed to the 0800 number. New Zealanders can also use the social agencies below (food, counselling and other support). 

Wanting to help/give money?

Volunteering Central is coordinating the volunteer response.  Click here to contact them.
Hold onto your money for now. A way of collecting donations and giving to those most in need is being set up. 

Immigration queries

Immigration - Still no relaxation or changes announced to visa conditions, other than the extension for those whose visa was due to expire! We continue to ask on your behalf. Please email your questions regarding immigration to  with IMMIGRATION QUERY in the subject line.  Your questions will be collated immediately and sent to Immigration NZ.  Please ensure you include your business name and contact details along with your questions.