Thursday, 22nd November, 2018

Thank you to all members (230) who completed the annual Labour & Accommodation Survey. The key findings were around skills shortages and lack of accommodation options with employers suggesting they needed help with building lower cost accommodation (74%) and a better range of accommodation choices for workers (72%).

Issues around immigration remain significant with employers requesting increased length of work visas and a reduction in the eligibility restrictions on work visas. Please find a further summary of results here.

Also, thank you to our pilot group of SMEs who provided feedback on a recently developed HR Resource Kit which has been developed to assist those employers who do not have formal HR departments. Please take time to complete this HR assessment of your business and if you require further assistance there is a list of recommended suppliers at the end of the questionnaire. Download HR Resource Kit.

Planning is underway for a series of seminars around retention and attraction of staff as it relates to the HR Resource Kit. The new Employers' Support Programme will be advertised in the New Year.

Click here for the latest update from Immigration NZ (INZ) around visa services.

INZ have recently introduced the Samoa & Pacific Quotas Programme whereby employers can apply for Pacific Island workers to work in NZ with access to a special fast tracked visa. For further information click here or contact