Wednesday, 30th January, 2019

In this Issue:

  • New Zealand Open: is calling for volunteer caddies to put their names forward for the 100th event taking place at The Hills and Millbrook Resort (February 28 to March 3). More than 80 caddies are still needed to sign up for the tournament and Caddy Master Andrew Whiley is also keen to register 12 local golfers to be reserve caddies. Caddies are paid for their work by their golfer, which can mean anything from $75 a day up to a nice bonus for good performance. Click here to register

  • Payday Filing: From 1 April 2019, payday filing will become compulsory. Are you ready? 

    Currently, employers file employee earnings and PAYE information with Inland Revenue every month, regardless of how frequently they pay their employees. From 1 April 2019, payday filing means this information will be reported to Inland Revenue every time your employees are paid.

    Instead of submitting an employer monthly schedule, you’ll need to submit an employment information schedule after every payday. Collecting payroll information more regularly will help Inland Revenue offer increased certainty about employees’ tax obligations and entitlements.

    If you haven't started already, now's the time to think about how you'll make payday filing part of your payroll process before it becomes compulsory. 

    Check out the Inland Revenue website for more information

  • Immigration NZ Processing Times: INZ is currently experiencing high volumes of visa applications. INZ remains committed to allocating and assessing low touch, complete and decision ready applications from the Queenstown region within 14 days where possible.

    While INZ makes every effort to streamline the assessment of applications, applicants may experience longer timeframes where all of the required information is not supplied when they submit their application, including translations. If they do not supply the correct information this could hold up the processing of their visa.

    It is important that work visa applications include complete and accurate information at the time the application is lodged. This includes the following:

    Employment agreement - Must meet minimum employment agreement requirements see for further information.

    Evidence of attempts to recruit New Zealanders such as advertising – required under the Essential Skills category unless the position offered is on a Skills Shortage list or exemption list. Refer to the Essential Skills employer guide available here.

    Employment must be Full time - Definition of 'full-time employment’ - Unless otherwise specified, full-time employment is considered to be at least 30 hours of work per week for the purpose of all INZ Essential Skills work instructions.

    Due to the high application volumes currently being received, we strongly recommend applicants submit their application as early as possible. While recent work visa processing times are listed on the INZ website please note that Queenstown region applications are generally processed faster than these average times.

    INZ encourages visitor, student and work visa applicants to apply using our Immigration Online system via the INZ website. It's faster and easier to apply online. Applicants can upload supporting documents and photographs and pay for their application online.

    If an applicant is offshore, INZ does not advise purchase of travel before an application is completed as the grant of a visa is not guaranteed.

    Attached is information on the escalation process for Queenstown employers and also factors that can contribute to an application being “decision ready”.