Monday, 29th November, 2021

Dear Member,

And just like that, the Alert level is dead, long live the traffic light.  This afternoon our Prime Minister announced as of Friday 3 December the South Island moves to Orange.  In this new regime life will be a lot easier for those who have been vaccinated and for those businesses prepared to operate under a vaccine certificate.

As with all other businesses, we have been considering our own vaccination policy. We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our members and staff and our priority is to ensure that we do everything we reasonably can to protect and prevent the transmission of COVID-19. 

To help keep everyone safe, and to ensure we can continue to offer events and services at all levels of the traffic light system we will be complying with all Government requirements under the COVID Protection Framework.  This means that from December 3rd, we will be offering our face to face services which includes our conferences, training, seminars and networking events to those with a COVID Vaccination Pass.  As with a lot of event deliverers, the vaccine policy of the venue we are delivering in will take precedence.

Members who are not able to access face-to-face services or meet the vaccine requirements will still have access to a wide range of online services. We will regularly review our range of services for members with a view to making them available in different formats, wherever possible.

Our policy will be reviewed to meet the needs of our members, keep our people safe, and adapt and respond to changes in the environment. We will also respond to any government mandates or consider new technologies, as required.

We appreciate that this continues to be a complicated time for businesses as regulations change and new requirements come into force. 

If you have questions on vaccination mandates and employment relations under the COVID Protection Framework to help navigate the new legislation Anderson Lloyd will be presenting a seminar to members tomorrow around Vaccinations in the Workplace, details are below if you would like to attend.  


The next round of wage subsidy and resurgence support payments are now open for applications.

The Deputy Prime Minister today announced financial support under the new traffic light system will be confined only to the red setting and it is limited to a one off payment similar to the resurgence payment but at a slightly higher rate.  He will report back to Cabinet in early 2022 on whether any additional targeted support is required.  Once we have greater clarity on how this will work we will update you.  It was also disappointing this week to hear Minister Hipkins views that visitor economy is the Government's last priority.

We continue to work with key industry partners such as BEIA, TEC and TIA as well as through the Chamber network and Business NZ to keep our local economy on the agenda.

Please get in touch if you have insights to share.

Take care 

Ruth Stokes
Chief Executive