Thursday, 8th July, 2021

Dear Member

Last night the Mountain Club kindly hosted the launch party for the 2021 Real Journeys Queenstown Business Awards.  After a break of three years, thanks to #pandemic, we are back and ready to celebrate.  While as a community we have done it tough, it hasn't stopped our business people from doing amazing things that we want to recognise and share with others.  
You can find more information on what awards you can enter (which is a great range  brought to you by a fantastic group of business supporters) and how to enter (which is super easy), with further information on our awards website.
Thank you to all those who joined us for the Welcome to Winter lunch last Friday and the Business Awards launch, we hope you enjoyed hearing from our great range of speakers. We have also been working with a range of Government officials. This has included gaining support on our Employment Project, which aims to work across industry, improve our efficiency and effectiveness in attraction nationally and internationally and provide a platform for building our future workforce. We will have more on this exciting initiative soon.

We also met with a range of industry representatives and The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DMPC) on messaging and managing COVID-19 into the future.  We will be releasing more in this space shortly too. In the meantime, scan, scan and scan again. By minimising the unknowns we maximise our opportunity to escape economic shutdowns. Please encourage all people who enter your workplace to scan in.
One last plug for the awards, whether you are contemplating entering or not, please consider nominating another business that you know has done some incredible things. This year's People's Choice award also provides us the opportunity to recognise someone who has been a stand out.

Take care