Monday, 17th January, 2022

Nomad Safaris

Tourism - Experience

Nomad Safaris has been hit hard by the closure of international borders and the restrictions on domestic travellers. They lost key staff members and, with them, significant intellectual property and experience.   As a result they realized a need to rebuild a motivated team with their smaller, loyal group of employees.

Otago RBP helped David and Amanda to apply for the Tourism Communities funding, which they used to obtain advice on vaccination requirements for their business and were also able to access financial support for a wellbeing programme for everyone on the team, aiming to boost team morale and mental wellbeing.

“Finding reasons to be motivated and to motivate the staff is increasingly difficult. These projects have been a fantastic fillip at just the right time of year to go in to 2022 with belief that there is a future.”

We at Otago RBP were also able to support the development of a virtual reality campaign showcasing the Nomad Safaris experiences. This has created a product that overseas visitors can experience without travelling, aiming to overcome the hurdle of closed borders. This virtual reality tour was developed so that it can also be utilised for marketing as well as a great training tool for staff and agents.