Learning goal: Reduce labour skills and shortages in Queenstown-Lakes by improving the human resource skills of Queenstown business owners and managers. 

Learning objective: Business owners and managers will complete a structured self-analysis of their employment strategy and consider their behaviour with regard to:

- Employer brand - why people are attracted to your business
- Candidate attraction - how people are attracted to your business
- Managing employees - induction and communication 
- Staff retention - factors that keep people with you
- Compliance - current processes around recording staff contracts and complying with employment law
- Staffing for the future - assessing what your business will need next year and the one after
- Role specific factors - what will it take to attract specific people to specific roles

After undertaking the self-analysis, the learner will summarise their self-assessment and write five action points to improve the attraction and retention strategies in their business. A list of suggested support and advisory resources are provided. 

Time taken to complete activity: 60 to 120 minutes

Feedback on this resource is encouraged. Please email: ceo@queenstownchamber.org.nz with your comments.

This learning activity was commissioned by Queenstown Chamber of Commerce and developed by Human Connections Group with funding provided by Queenstown Lakes District Council.