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In a world of information overload, effective business writing is about getting to the point, quickly.   No-one has the time to decipher formal language and overly complex sentences, or the patience to wade through endless waffle.  The responsibility is on the writer to tailor their message to the intended reader – to deliver their ideas with clarity, brevity and impact. 


Please join us at this workshop delivered by Duncan Ashford from Lionheart Consulting designed to transform your written communication.  It introduces a range of practical tools and techniques that will enable you to assess your own writing and take simple steps to improve its readability.  The program focuses on writing for the business environment (email, proposals, reports, executive summaries) but is applicable to any situation. 


This workshop will give participants the ability to:


  • Plan and structure written documents far quicker than before, with greater clarity and impact for the reader
  • Choose an appropriate writing style for the intended reader
  • Understand and apply a simple but powerful template to structure the content of any document, in any situation
  • Understand that less is more
  • Improve grammar, syntax and conciseness, and understand how to use active language to bring writing to life
  • Write with greater ‘efficiency’, controlling jargon, sentence length and excess waffle
  • Create and fine-tune a winning sales proposal
Thursday, 6th October, 2022
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Queenstown Business Chamber of Commerce- Bradley Building Level 3/19 Rees Street, Queenstown (entran
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